best outfield gloves
best outfield gloves

3 of the Top Outfield Gloves on the Market

September 21, 2017

As an outfielder, having the best outfield gloves for your needs goes a long way. Baseball gloves are some of the most important tools that will help to enhance your play. This is why many players form an emotional attachment when they find a pair of gloves that work well with them. You need a pair that is the perfect size, fit your hands comfortably and provides the best benefits. Right now on the market there are a few gloves out there that have an edge and are popular among users because of their performance and their structure. Here are a few of these:

 Wilson Game Ready A800 Soft Fit

These gloves are one of the most impressively designed gloves on the market. The Cheyenne penny leather gloves are so comfortable and cozy because of the silky material that makes its interior. It also fits easily onto your hands so that you don’t have to struggle when pushing your hands in.

The leather make allows the gloves to be one of the most impressive out there. The gloves have very solid pockets that are well made. The webbing might be single lace and this is not the most desirable aspect of the gloves. However overall it performs quite well and comes at a very reasonable price tag so that beginner players will find it affordable.

Rawlings Heart of the Hide

Rawlings, one of the top manufacturers for gloves has done a good job with the Heart of the Hide. It is one of the best outfield gloves for sale and is one of the gloves that are in the high end range. It is made using Horween leather and has a very silky feel that makes it very comfortable and easy to break in. the strap was designed to make playing a lot easier. The webbing on the gloves is quite impressive and is trapeze style which makes for optimal game performance. It also uses wool on the inside of the gloves to increase comfort.

Mizuno GMVP1277PSE3 MVP

The Mizuno MVP has been touted as possibly the best outfield gloves on the market. Mizuno tried to give these gloves a contemporary design with ingenious features. They also tried to stick to some of the trusted features that users have come to enjoy. The gloves are made using oiled leather to facilitate a very soft feel that makes the gloves comfortable during the game. The oiling also helps the gloves to stand up to harsh conditions.

The gloves also offer the amazing heel flex technology which is one of the features that makes it appeal to many outfielders. It however falls short where the webbing is concerned as it is not sturdy enough. This is the greatest issue that affects the players’ performance on the field. They also take a while before you can break them in and begin to play comfortably.


Outfield gloves need to be specifically designed to suit players in the outfield position. It helps when the gloves are designed well, are durable and are comfortable to play with. The Wilson Game Ready A800, the Mizuno GMVP1277PSE3 and the Rawlings Heart of the Hide are some of the best outfield gloves for these purposes.

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